Remain Gentle and Kind! (even in tough situations)


Different situations can push your buttons and make you explode, especially if you let it. The key is to remain gentle and kind even in tough situations! I know, I know, easier said than done. There’s been plenty of times I wanted to go off on someone who wronged me and sometimes I did. As I got older I realized that every situation doesn’t deserve a negative reaction especially if it’s going to be irrelevant the next day. Whatever the situation may be, take a minute to observe it before you make a judgement. Thinking about the situation before reacting can save you from so much like stress and arguments. Who have time to be angry because someone hurt your feelings or you was rejected? Take those shortcomings and turn it into lessons!

Need help on staying sane when things get rough? Try out these tips!

1. If you’re dealing with rejection, think of it as maybe that person or job wasn’t interested but there’s plenty more out there who would be so thankful to have your skills, or just you as a person.

2. Think positive in negative situations.

3. If someone makes you angry, practice a breathing technique.

We will never have it all together. Times will come that we burst out into flames when we’re stressed out or angry, but taking that experience and turning it into a positive one for the next time is the goal!


Self-Care Sunday


Every Sunday we like to provide tips on how one can incorporate an act of self-care in their life. We believe that practicing self-care daily brings a fulfilling life and keeps you healthy. As women, it’s important that we are on the right track physically and also mentally.

1. Unplug from all technology!

At least for an hour! Constantly checking emails, social media, and text messages can become so overwhelming and cause you to feel so cluttered and stressed. Taking a break from technology will help you re-install and even tap into what’s happening around you presently.


2. Enjoy nature!

Nature is a healer. Just going out looking at plants and listening to the birds chirp can instantly make you feel better. Take advantage of nature as a part of you self-care journey!


3. Try a soothing tea

There are plenty of teas to try for multiple purposes. From a calming  tea to an energy boosting one. Try them out and get a taste of which one may be best for you.



4. Journal

Instead of bottling all of your problems in, take them to a journal and write out everything that’s been bothering you. This helps especially if you don’t like talking to others!

Learn To Love Yourself Girl!

How many times do we have to put ourselves down to realize that we’re worth so much more than we think? It’s getting old! The ridiculing yourself, not doing things to the best of your ability just to make others comfortable, and constantly self- sabotaging is only leading you to a life of low confidence!

I never realized how much I put myself down until someone brought it to my attention. It was so embarrassing for another person to tell me that I had low self esteem that I needed to work on but it was true. If that person would have never told me that, I would still walk around talking down on myself to others.

Loving on yourself is so much easier than beating yourself down! Whether it’s your body image you hate, a mistake you made in the past, or a problem you’re dealing with now, let it go! Embrace yourself! Learn from your mistakes and move forward in life with a different perspective of yourself. A much sweeter one!

One thing that I’ve started doing is listening to a certain song that keeps me confident. Everyday I listen to Nicki Minaj ft. Beyonce- Feelin Myself because it describes exactly how I want to feel! Once you start to love yourself, no one can take that from you!

Love Yourself ❤️

Self-Care Tips


Sometimes we become so focused on taking care of the tasks around us that we forget that we need to be taken care of too! As the saying goes, you can’t put from an empty cup, so it’s important that you take care of your needs so you can give you full potential to the things around you. Here’s a couple of tips to help you with your self-care journey..

1. Before checking your phone in the morning, take some time to stretch. Your body will thank you throughout the whole day!

2. When feeling stressed, take a minute and meditate. You can use breathing techniques, mindfulness, whatever works for you!

3. They say when you look good, you feel good so dress your best, do your makeup, try a new hairstyle, if it’ll make you feel good inside, DO IT!

4. What’s self-care without healthy eating? In order to care for self, you have to feed your body the proper nutrients! Maybe trade the milkshake for a smoothie or the bag of chips for trail mix?

5. Want to know a huge mood booster? Exercise!! Daily exercise comes with many benefits like stress relief, weight loss, etc. Yoga is a great way to workout if you’re not into hardcore exercise.

6. Make time for family and friends. Having people to spend time with will help you more than you know!

7. Us women love to be pampered, RIGHT? There’s nothing like a hot bubble bath, with lit candles, listening to slow soft music.

Happy Self-Care!

3 Ways To Tell If A Guy Is Really Serious About You


Sometimes it can be confusing to tell whether a guy really likes you or let’s just be honest, if he just wants to get in your pants. These days, friends with benefits is more popular than ever and true love is kind of fading away for some.

Guys (not all) have a history of being players, f-boys, whatever you want to call them, that a girl can become confused and not know what he really wants. If a guy really likes you, you’ll notice the signs that you won’t be able to look over!

1. Wants more than just Netflix and Chill!

A guy that really likes you wouldn’t consider just Netflix and chilling everytime you guys hang out. He would actually like to go on a REAL date and even show you off. If he just wants to chill and have sex, maybe he doesn’t want a relationship with you.

2. He’ll make time for you!

I don’t care how busy a guy is, if he really wants you, he’ll take time out of his day and dedicate it to you. People make time for what they truly want, so if his excuse to why he takes hours or days to text you back or call, just focus on yourself sis, he’s not serious.

3. Sex won’t be the main topic!

It’s such a turn off when a guy is so quick to bring up the topic: SEX! It only shows what he’s truly interested in especially if he barely asks about you. A guy that’s truly interested would want to know everything about you, your goals, he’ll ask about your day, your favorites, etc.

If you’re not sure whether he’s really into you, look at the signs when you guys hang together. Most of the time your intuition will tell you whether he’s serious or not. If you have a feeling that he may not be the one, maybe you should trust it and save yourself from a lot of pain and hurt.

7 Ways to Pamper Yourself Today!

1. Soak in a warm bath!


What’s pampering yourself without doing the most relaxing thing first, taking a relaxing bath? Imagine after a long hard week, you get to soak in warm water and do NOTHING! To make it even more interesting, add a bath bomb or bubble bath.


2. Meditate in a quiet space


You don’t have to be a meditation pro to get a peace of mind. Find a quiet space around your house, or even outside. As you sit there, focus on your breathing. After, you’ll feel so refreshed!

3. Release stress by listening to music!

I think we all use music as an escape sometimes. It’s true that listening to music can improve your mood, especially after a rough day. Create a playlist of all of your favorite songs!

Listen to:


4. Indulge in your favorite dessert

There’s nothing wrong with taking a day off, other than your PMS week, and indulging in your favorite foods!

5. Binge watch your favorite Netflix series


6. Write positive affirmations and put them all over your wall


7. Give yourself a mani and pedi

*These images are not my own

How to Accomplish Your Goals for the Year of 2017


I know January is almost over but it’s never to late to talk about GOALS! If you want to feel accomplished this year, setting goals is a must! Now in every aspect of our life, we want to be stable and healthy, which is why creating a goal and working hard towards it is so important.


How to Set Goals?

First, you want to figure out what it is that you’re looking forward to accomplishing this year. Whatever it may be, write it down. It’s all about planning at first, so purchase a planner or a pretty notebook to keep you motivated!

After you have planned out what you want to accomplish, it’s time to see what you have to do to make the long-term goal happen. For example:

Write my first book- Long term goal

  • Start on first draft of book.
  • Find an editor to edit first draft
  • Look into self-publishing

You want to get started on the small but necessary steps to make the bigger goal come true. Without doing the smaller steps, the goal you’re looking forward to will not happen!


Find Inspiration

If you’re that type of girl who go for exactly what she wants without stopping then you’ve been blessed! Some of us find it hard to stay motivated especially when we lack supporters.

One thing you can do to find inspiration is follow people who has what you’re working towards and study them. You can also get a mentor to help you. Find someone with the same goal as you and work together. There are many ways to find inspiration!

Accomplishing goals, especially big ones, can be a challenge, but it’s very possible! So get out there, plan, and work hard for what you want!